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The Existence of Bigfoot

            Bigfoot, also known as "Sasquatch," is considered to be a warm-blooded mammal that is half human and half ape. Bigfoot stands about seven feet tall, and can weigh anywhere from 200 pounds to 400 pounds. Bigfoot is said to be a very smart and intelligent animal. Bigfoot sightings first occurred around the 1800s. But not just in the United States, there have been sightings from all over the world. From the mountains of Tibet, to the forests of Turkey. Bigfoot has always been described as, having dark brown hair, and huge feet. The people who have seen him also say Bigfoot walks with a slight limp. Even though there have been hundreds of documented sighting and detailed deceptions of Bigfoot, many people don't think Bigfoot exists. These people insist that if Bigfoot were real then someone would have captured Bigfoot by now. Or someone would have found the remains of Bigfoot. They believe that there is no way something that big could hide from the ever-growing population as long as it has. Others believe Bigfoot does exist (about 25% of the population). Although the believers know the controversy surrounding Bigfoot is multileveled. However their side of the debate has effectively argued three points that verifies Bigfoot's existence. Why Bigfoot is rarely seen, why Bigfoot has never been caught, and why no one has ever found remains of Bigfoot?.
             Bigfoot is rarely seen, because Bigfoot lives in areas were people do not exist. Most people believe that we have explored every forest on this planet. In reality, there is still about 35% of the forests that have not been explored by humans. The second reason is that Bigfoot rarely comes out during the day. Bigfoot is mostly a nocturnal animal. Plus, Bigfoot does not come out of its hiding spot unless it needs food, or is threatened. The third reason and the last is, since Bigfoot is a very smart animal, he is almost always watching what people are doing and where they are going.

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