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            Subcultures are formed when a person's values and beliefs are shaped around particular styles of fashion, music, language and other individuals with the same or similar interests. .
             "Homies", "goths" and car enthusiasts are examples of youth subcultures, in which many Australian young people are a part of. Subcultures are not a useful way to analyse the positions or experiences of youth in Australia due to a variety of reasons. The negative portrayal by the media, stereotypes and government policies can change the way young people are represented in society. However, young people can also be viewed in a positive way as there are many choices for them to take on such as employment, education, technology, socialisation and support. It is unfortunate that young people in Australian society are most often under scrutiny for violence, crimes, and drugs rather than for their positive contributions to society. .
             Subcultures are formed when an individual's attitude, images, experiences, values and identity are shaped around particular styles of fashion, music, language and culture. Subculture can be seen as a subdivision of a national culture; it exists between the parameters of certain cultures" (Najman, 2000)Identity can be defined as "The distinct personality of an individual regarded as a persisting entity; made and fixed in childhood" (Bessant, 1998). Identity is continually made and re made as young people grow older and encounter social and cultural settings in which they explore new ways of doing things. (Bessant, 1998). Analysing a subcultural group, for example a group of "homies" will not determine the position or experiences they are in as trends and beliefs constantly change. Bias may also affect the analysis, which would not provide broad ideologies of subcultures, experiences and positions of young people in Australia. Social identity which is constructed by a variety of social influences such as peers, institutions, family, and media, assists in the formation of the individual's interests, beliefs and choices he or she makes when joining a subcultural group (Adams, 1999).

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