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Critique of sociology pieces

            This essay is a critique of two topics that I have selected from the student workbook. In this paper I will analyze and discus the articles "Democracy and Destiny" by Gary Young and "Subcultures, Cultures and Class" by John Clarke et al. Furthermore, I will attempt to make a comparison of the two readings and shed light on where I feel there is a connection between the two. Lastly, the goal of this critique is to give the reader my opinions on the subjects presented, and ultimately try making sense of the two topics in an attempt to cross there intended ideas. .
             Gary Younge's article, "Democracy and Destiny," is a powerful piece that compares and contrast the world which we live in and the world which we aspire to live in. In order to grasp the attention of the reader, Younge opens his article with a series of thought provoking questions that engage the reader to assume a "what if" scenario. By using Dr. Martin Luther King in his first example, Younge clearly outlines the difference between an idealist and a realist. Furthermore, Younge praises the efforts of Martin Luther King, but goes on to show that any one person trying to influence the world needs to get "a grip on reality." I believe this was an ideal method of beginning his article. The first two paragraphs distinctly took the readers attention by exploiting the goals of a past political figure, and exemplifying the difference between what this world hopes for and the reality of what this world gets. .
             Younge makes his point more effective by using a more recent example to distinguish destiny from democracy. The arrival of the euro, according to Younge, is inevitable. Although majority of The British public do not want the euro, they know that eventually the pound will no longer be a part of British currency. This is vital because it suggest that although the general consensus is not to except this new form of currency, it is inevitable and there are forces that will work against the general consensus no matter what.

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