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The Nature or Nurture Debate

            The nature-nurture debate has two different ways of explaining human growth and development such as: The "nature" approach suggests that people are naturally born with certain abilities, qualities and characteristics which will determine what kind of person they will become when they're older. The "nurture" approach suggests that it is the way a person is brought up, their environment, surroundings and circumstances that are more significant influences on the kind of person they will become. Nature influences on human growth and development include factors such as genetics and biological processes. In contrast, Nurture influences are non-biological and include factors such as the environment. People who have a strong nurture viewpoint believe that we can make lifestyle choices by a range of social, psychological and economic factors. In relation to my celebrity, Sharon Osborne, certain aspects of her life were nature and some were nurture. I will be discussing which were nature, which were nurtured and why.
             Another nature-nurture debate that relates to Sharon's development is her marriage to Ozzy Osborne in 1982. Some people may say that this is nature because they may believe that marriage is a normal expectation of adulthood. Some may argue that this is nurture because not everyone has an aspiration to marriage when they experience adulthood. However, there is also a third approach which takes the viewpoint of nature and nurture into account. Someone who takes the viewpoint of the third approach may believe that it is nature to have a relationship with someone at some point in the life stage of adulthood, but that it is nurture to aspire to marriage because not everyone will want to get married in their lifetime, it depends on your upbringing and your personal viewpoint on marriage. For example, Some Muslims may aspire to marriage as they grow up because they were bought up in an environment where they are taught that having a successful marriage is a main goal in life.

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