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My Trip to Paris

            There I stood, glaring at the foreign street signs, in a city that I'd only dreamt and read about. My heart was pounding against my chest so hard the person down the street could feel my excitement. The first step outside of the hotel made my eyes brighten like the sun's rays, as I gazed out at the city that I would be happily calling home for a week. Paris was a new adventure that I was going to be able to experience with not only myself, but my closest connections, my family. .
             Looking from the sidewalk, step by step, my eyes darted around, bouncing off the buildings, to the people and the traffic. It was like something from a movie; there were cars zooming in every direction and the buildings were absolutely breathtaking. This city was nothing like I imagined, in fact it was better than I could have ever dreamed it would be. My grin stretched from ear to ear as I struggled to take in everything that this city had to offer. Every step I took it was like I was engulfing in a fresh piece of this fine city, the feeling was indescribable. It was so busy, not just the traffic, something was going on everywhere, from the pop-up baguette stalls, the side street buskers, historic buildings, and the beggars sitting on each corner. The little puddles that coated the rustic sidewalks, made everything reflect, against the ground. Even from the surface I could marvel, at the beauty, I was surrounded with. The foreign language oozed through, caught in the wintery, Parisian breeze. I couldn't understand a word but at this stage I was just caught up in it all. Everything was a further insight into the city. Every step I took it felt like I was getting further and further away from home, but oddly enough, I loved everything about it. .
             I trotted past each of the pyramids, meager and grand. I stood in awe at the remarkable mixture of history and the questions that were flooding my head. It was at this point, that I had to really admire the area I was actually in and how many kids my age had had the same opportunity.

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