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Movie Summart - Kung Fu Panda

            Kung Fu Panda, as the name itself suggests is the story of a Panda who trains in Kung Fu, in order to be the savior of the town. Usually when we picture a warrior, we imagine a strong, well built and courageous being. A panda on the other hand, is often seen as a lazy, obese and silly creature. Po, a panda in a town of ducks and pigs, does not realize that he is not one of them but somewhere in his heart, he feels that his place is in the Jade palace along with the other Kung Fu warriors. Although Po, does not exhibit the physical characteristics of a warrior, we know he is the true warrior as he realizes that the secret ingredient is to believe in oneself. Po, goes through a series of experiences throughout his journey of becoming a dragon warrior and it shows that physical appearance or assumptions do not define the truth of the matter.
             It all begins with the announcement of appointing the long awaited dragon warrior. The dragon warrior is said to be the savior of the valley and everyone including master Shifu expects master Oogway to pick one out of the furious five, who were all well trained by Shifu. According to legends, the dragon warrior would drop down from the sky on a ball of fire. But no one realizes that the prophecies of the legends may not be literal because Po, does drop down from the sky on a ball of fire but the only difference is that he did not mean to make that entry to be proclaimed as the dragon warrior and the ball of fire is a chair with fireworks attached to it. The only reason why Po creates this chair of fireworks is out of enthusiasm and excitement to see who the chosen dragon warrior would be. While everyone thinks Oogway made a mistake and that it is all an accident, Oogway tells Shifu that there are no accidents but just an illusion. The story takes such an unexpected turn to show the rough start to the journey of Po's life ahead.
             Even though this is Po's biggest dream come true, somewhere in his heart he starts to lose motivation because he overhears the furious five and master Shifu talk about him in utter disappointment.

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