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Therapeutic Communication - Stroke Handover

            Communication is a crucial aspect to building knowledge,self-awareness and is continuously used in therapeutic communication and is defined as the exchange of information to elicit a response. Observing the short video 'Stroke Handover' has allowed I as an individual to watch, listen and observe therapeutic communication from a new angle that will help me build knowledge and awareness to approach a patient while taking in my surroundings. I have learned key points in therapeutic communication including active listening, empathizing and clarifying the patient's feelings and response. .
             Active Listening.
             Active listening is used in the healthcare environment to maintain and create trust between patient and care provider. While observing the video 'Stroke Handover' the paramedic communicates to the nurse the situation and what occurred including Sally's history of stroke, symptoms,age and medical background, the nurse herself had a calm appearance showing no signs of stress or panic. This is extremely important as it is a key factor in diagnosing Sally as well as initiating a plan that has the best outcome for Sally and the baby. I have learned as a student nurse to gather as much information as possible as it will impact the patient in a way that determines how medical professionals will approach the situation including appropriate medication and methods of recovery as quoted, "Active Listeningmay defuse further emotional arousal and defensive behaviour. This may buy time to obtain better perspective on what the other person is thinking and feeling" (Keegan, Dossey, 2013,p.238). This further provides reassurance and makes me more self aware that therapeutic communication is about the patient and each individual case is different with changing factors and emotional outcomes .Information that I have gained as a student from this video is to analyse information and body language about the patient to initiate a plan to ensure the most appropriate action is taken to better the end result for the patient and their family.

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