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Stroke Patient Care Plan

            This essay will lay emphasis on a patient case study and will explore the nursing intervention, assessment and individualised care the patient will receive during his stay in the hospital. With compliance to the NMC code of professional practice (NMC 2015), a pseudo name will be used in a view to upheld patient confidentiality. The chosen patient is Mr Thomas, who is 34 years of age and was admitted to the medical ward after being diagnosed of having a cardiovascular accident. The initial focus will be to demonstrate the importance of clinical decision process and for this purpose, the clinical reasoning cycle model that evolve on holistic patient care will be discussed. Secondly, primary and secondary survey assessment of Mr Thomas will be grounded based on a systematic and evidence-based approach. Also, secondary complications emanating from stroke will be viewed and mapped with medical care. Medication and non-pharmacological consideration will be earmarked to establish further integrated stroke care management in hospital and post-hospital care. Discharge process as a key element of patient recovery will be stretched and evaluated. It will also englobe patient education and family engagement as a key element for ongoing care and patient welfare. Eventually, the importance of communication will be explored, enumerating its significance within the multidisciplinary team members, Mr Thomas and his family to instigate therapeutic stroke care.
             According to the World Health Organisation (2015), 15 million people across the world suffer from stroke every year of which 5 million dies and 5 million are permanently disabled. The Royal College Of Physicians (2012) define cerebrovascular accident that is also known as a stroke is a neurological condition with a lesion in the brain and occurs when blood supply is interrupted. It is known as ischemic stroke when the arteries to the brain are blocked and haemorrhage stroke when there is a rupture of the blood vessel in the brain.

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