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The British Conservative Period: 1951 – 1964

            To what extent can the period of Conservative dominance between 1951 and 1964 be viewed as the 'thirteen wasted years'?.
             Prior to the 1964 election, Labour's campaign described the period of 1951 – 1964 as the 'thirteen wasted years'. Macmillan, Conservative prime minister 1957 – 63, contradicts Labour's view as when he famously said the people had "never had it so good". However, t There are reasons to suggest agree with Labour's smear can be argued to some extent. Nonetheless, several economical, political and social factors support Macmillan's statement.
             How far did Britons' living standards between 1951 and 1964, suggest ing whether that those years were 'thirteen wasted years'?.
             During the 1950s, the country was riding off of the enjoying a post-war boom. Men's weekly wages rose from £8.30 in 1951 to £15.35 in 1961. Thise increase of wages helped civilians the population save more and buy more, including vehicles. Home ownership became more accessible as mortgages were became cheaper than evermore affordable. Under Macmillan, who was previously housing minister, 300,000 new houses were built as promised per year, as well as the rapid expansion of new towns, such as Stevenage. This largely benefitted those at the lower endbottom end of the lower middle class, as they had a bigger dispensable income. Food rationing ended in 1954, which improved people's living standards dramatically. There was a surge in ownership of consumer goods – televisions, washing machines, refrigerators and new furniture. The new sign ofThis affluence gained through a rise in disposable income, prior to during the economic boom and through dispensable income, shows that people's lives financially improved financially. In regards toThis improvement in living standards during ; the Conservative period dominance should not be viewedsupports the view that these were not as "thirteen wasted years" .

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