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Fighting the War on Drugs

            Certain areas of the United States have major drug problems that affect our communities in many ways. Even after decades of statistical evidence we haven't revised our ineffective approach to this problem that affects many communities across our country. Currently our strategy to deal with these problems is to attack the supply chain of these illegal substances and sweep the users and dealers into our federal prison systems while the former hasn't stopped suppliers at all and the latter has cost us millions of tax dollars as a country. We should be building up these problem communities by effectively rehabilitating their users and dealers as opposed to sweeping them under a rug in prison and empowering our youth through education and political investment instead of leaving them vulnerable to poor role models.
             Changing the environment our youth grow in is critical to their success later on in life as they develop the tools to make the right choices at a very young age. When they see that their father is absent and their mother has a substance abuse problem they grow up with very little moral foundation which is necessary to thrive in today's world. Instead of pointing our police forces attention to the incriminating of the users and dealers in a given community we as responsible citizens need to pull the weed out of the ground directly by pushing the youth towards a different lifestyle. Our offensive crackdown of the drugs being used in these areas has proven ineffective so we need to switch to a more defensive standpoint and empower the future generations in order to push out these problems. That means we should be spending our tax dollars not on specialty narcotics teams but personnel that have the training to impart knowledge and provide protection to our next generation through federal funding.
             Our current prison system is tremendously flawed when it comes to dealing with the offenders in the drug war.

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