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The Militant Suffragette Campaign and Women in 1918

            During the 1800s increasing numbers of men were given the right to vote and yet there was no sign of the right to vote in national elections being given to women. This caused great distress and anger among all women up and down the country until they received what they deserved – the right to vote. The suffragette campaign is often seen to be the main reason for women gaining the vote but it will be necessary to look at the other aspects that come into reason while figuring out which was the most influential and important reason for women gaining the vote. Therefore, I will be considering the following factors within my essay: The peaceful NUWSS campaign, women's was work during the time period of World Was One and the overall changing attitudes to women in the country (F). This essay will argue that the main reason women gained the vote in 1918 was the Suffragettes violent campaign tactics.
             One reason why some women gained the right to vote in 1918 was through the Suffragist campaign. The first women to ever campaign for the right to vote were the Suffragists – also known as N.U.W.S.S. Their campaign began as various feminist groups collaborated together to for the NUWSS in 1867. Not only women were entitled to join the campaign as men were also able to join the Suffragists and fight for their right to vote. By World War 1 the campaign had over 50, 000 members up and down the country. The suffragists used tactics that were regarded as being peaceful tactics such as; handing out leaflets, having trained speakers address their crowds of people aspiring to join the campaign, and so on. However sometimes the Suffragists did end up breaking the law by refusing to pay rates -housing tax- and this would lead to front page stories of wealthy women getting arrested and getting attention for their cause. After 60 years of peaceful campaigning tactics it looked like they had achieved next to nothing, however, it was clear that the NUWSS had made an impact as more people started to address the cause of women not receiving the vote.

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