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The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)

            Imagine if you can: it's noon; the sky is dark; fire and brimstone rain from the heavens. The echoing cackle of bigoted bile blares over loudspeakers; oppression due to race, sexual orientation or political views lords over all. 10 Downing Street now exists as a hub for racism and discrimination which are allowed to flourish in the form of ridiculous, hair-brained policies. You see, it is May in the year 2017 and the British public made the horrendous mistake of electing UKIP and their inherently fascist policies, two short years ago. Unquestionably a man who epitomises idiocy - Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP - has proposed many policies, the most famous, or infamous being his idea for a five-year ban on immigration to Britain until we can "sort out" our immigration policy. Other spectacular suggestions range from barring all people who are HIV-positive from entering the UK, to legalising handguns under a "proper licensing policy" ensuring "safer" communities.
             For those unaware of the marauding, 'independent Britain' flagship that is the UK Independence Party, the group formed in 1993 under the ideology of Euroscepticism, with the primary objective being to secure Britain's financial future by withdrawing from the European Union. Mr Farage rationalises this idea by saying that due to shared policies between members of the EU, Britain is suffering. Nigel Farage and his UKIP party believe that membership of the EU is crippling to Britain's future, and the reasons for this view essentially boil down to UKIP's promotion of self-reliance and freedom as a nation, without interference from the "state" contrasting with the EU's immigration policy.
             Those in agreement with me - Nigel Farage and his party are vile and racist – may find it hard to listen to a word he says. However we must listen; for example, he states, "All EU immigrants should into a pay into a pot before receiving medical, housing and social benefits of any kind".

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