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British Vs American Democracy

            The similarities between American and British government are uncountable, however, a closer consideration shows numerous differences. The first thing that might become glaringly obvious is that the two countries have a bicameral form of legislative government. The other similarity in the forms of government is the head or executive lead in government; in Britain it is the Prime Minister and in America, the President. Other similarities range from the two countries having different types constitution to how bills are passed in the two legislative bodies, however, as was said before there are innumerable differences between the United Kingdom and United States.
             One difference is between the two structures of government. The two countries government structured are based, primarily, on their constitutions. However, the constitution in the United Kingdom instead of the constitution being one document, as it is in the United States, it is rather a vast array of documents. This fact makes the United Kingdom not entirely a democracy but rather a Constitutional Monarchy. In the United States we have three distinct branches of government, executive, legislative, and judicial; made up of the presidency, Congress, and the Supreme and Federal courts. The president, although not directly elected by the people because of the electoral college, is elected by the commonwealth of the United States, along with all of congress. However, the parliament, its structure and the way the executive of the government is appointed is much different. Parliament in the United Kingdom consists, technically, of the House of Commons, the House of the Lords, and the crown. Primarily because of the Act of Settlement, the crown is almost entirely limited to exercising ceremonial functions. Unlike the United States there is no clear separation between the executive, legislative and judicial powers in the United Kingdom.

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