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India vs. The US

            India and the United States of America are among the two largest countries in the world. They are located in two different continents and on the other side of the earth from each other, but the United States of America and India have some similarities.
             The two countries" history is alike. Both India and America were British colonies. America was formed by colonists who came to America to live a life without the control of the Britain government. Instead, Britain's rule followed them to America and ruled the colonists from 1606 to 1788 . India was also ruled by the British. In 1877 Britain came to power in India. Using Mahatma Gandhi's nonviolence movement, India gained independence on august 15th, 1947. India and the United States of America both started out similarly.
             Freedom of religion in the United States and India is a strong part of the culture. Although majority of American citizens are Christians and majority of Indians are Hindus, Americans and Indians all enjoy the freedom to worship to whichever God they choose, in whichever manner they choose to do so. This was one of the principles that the founders of both the countries felt very strongly about, "the freedom of religion".
             India and the United States of America both went through a period of time when one class of people were stereotyped against. In the United States of America, African Americans were maltreated. They were segregated from others and were not given all of their rights. In India, the untouchables were also treated harshly. They were given no respect and also had no rights. Martin Luther King tried to tackle this problem in USA using Gandhi's non-violence method.
             India and United States of America have both suffered the unfortunate fate of having some of their politicians assassinated as they were defending the causes that today make both countries great bastions of personal freedom. Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr.

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