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A Battlefield of Love (Muslim vs. Hindu)

            Do you remember Romeo and Juliet and how much they loved one another? Regardless of their forbidden love for one another, they stuck together and died in the name of their love. What if you were in this situation? What would you have done if you and your partner were in the center of a battlefield between the two families who have been fighting for generations? Would you choose love? Or would you sacrifice your happiness for your family who forbids you to love this individual? These are all the types of concerns I deal with daily with my forbidden, Hindu girlfriend, Monica.
             When I first met Monica, I never realized how quickly she would become the most important thing in my life. She is all I ever wanted in a girl. She has the looks, the brains, the drive, the hospitality, the personality, and the biggest heart I can ask for. She is perfect in my eyes, however, there is one major issue- She is Hindu and I am Muslim. Hindu and Muslims have been rivalries for many generations and they still are today. It had all started with the Era when Pakistan was a part of India. At the time, British ruled the entire country of India. Eventually India regained its Independence and in turn Pakistan decided to become separated from India and become its own country. Following this, there were numerous events that took place that triggered a feud against the two religions. It had turned into a major, brutal war between Pakistan and India. The blame was tossed back and forth on a number of occasions which eventually embedded hatred, stereotypes, and rumors in the hearts of Hindus and Muslims throughout the generations.
             My family is very religious in our Muslim religion. They know about my relationship with Monica. They do like her, however, they always tell me not to take her seriously. My parents want me to marry a girl from the Muslim religion and that is the bottom line. They would be extremely upset if I was to go against the grain.

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