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The Need for Religion: Yes or No.

             Ever since the dawn of mankind, religion has only done more anguish than good. The incidents in Gujarat are just one example of whats been going on for the last two thousand years or so.
             The whole purpose of organized religion is *not* about engaging in theology. It is purely a vehicle for political and cultural identity. In other words, it is to amalgamate a group of clans/tribes to preserve their culture against invaders.
             Religious wars have always been "man vs. man" masquarding as "god vs. god". So rather than glorifying god (if there is one or several, who cares), religion only insults him/her by dragging him/her into man's petty squabbles.
             At this altar of insanity, innocent women and childern have been sacrificed. The VHP goons now want to build a house for their god with the charred bodies as foundation. Does god want to live in a haunted house or what? Would any devout hindu have peace of mind praying there? If he does, shame on him.
             I think the thugs of Shiv Sena, VHP, Bajrang Dhal are no better than the other religions they think are violent. C'mon on what higher moral ground are they when their goons round up and burn women and children?.
             For those that flame my posting by saying "Hindus have always been on the receiving end, its time to assert ourselves", they only validate the point I made in my second para. Its less about Ram vs. Allah, and more about Hindus vs. muslims.
             My personal view is that religion is archaic and only pollutes the mind. Instead of leading people closer to god, it only seeks to distance them from any philosophical introspection. Worst of all, religion can cause innocent children to be burnt alive.

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