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History: Change Vs. Progress

            In Canadian history, we found ourselves always changing, constantly molding. Sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad. Eventually we ask ourselves, does change always mean progress? Making changes does not always lead to progress because if it did, why don't we just "Change" constantly? Well because we need a good reason to change, we cannot just change something without good reasoning. Not every historical decision or change had a real good meaning or reason to it, so it had a bad influence and effect on the people who had to deal with these changes. The Holocaust was a change for Germany in the 1930's. When the Aboriginal children got forced into residential schools, that was a change. When the white settlers rapidly invaded the Indians living space, that was a change. All of these examples had an effect for the worst of history.
             When the Holocaust was occurring in 1930's Germany, the Nazis were under this influence, this trance that this change was going to benefit Germany in a huge way. They thought it was going to be a huge factor to Germany's progress as a country. Did Germany make progress? No, of course not. It was a catastrophic event, losing over 11 million people during the event. The Nazis took all their goods, stole from their houses and stores, and tortured many people. Some people could argue that in a way, Germany and the rest of the world learned from their mistakes and did make progress because of that. Well, are 11 million lives worth a "Mistake" that everyone will learn from? Definitely not. Who said that if the Holocaust did not happen, the world would still make the same mistake later in history? The fact that Germany made a change, does not mean in anyways that as a country, it made progress or it benefitted from the change.
             When the Aboriginal children went to residential schools, it was a change wasn't it? Therefore the children progressed as a human.

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