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Say Yes to Marriage and No to Divorce!

             One will claim to be in love with someone and also claim to respect, cherish and care about that person, finally decide to take their vows to the alter to become a married couple. After a while, due to one problem or the other turns away from those lovely vows made to each other at the alter and decide to file for divorce. According to some people it is said to be the best thing to do; it is best to part ways instead of dwelling in a marriage that is full of sad moments, arguments and conflicts which are unhealthy for families with kids. In order to be happy, that couple decides to get divorced and start a new life either by staying a single parent or get married again to someone else. For them, there is no need to stay to work things out. There are so many reasons why these people think divorce is the right answer but they could be wrong. Others see divorce a tragedy, because of the negative effect it can have on both parents, on the society and the academic, or psychological and behavioral problems it may cause on the children. There is so much in marriage to enjoy than cutting it off just because of a mare quarrel or argument.the joy of watching your kids grow, the joy of growing old together, and having good stories to tell about your relationships. Marriage should not only involve the happy moments but also should have the sad parts too which make marriage balanced.
             Divorce is a tragedy because the rate at which divorce is going is becoming more alarming then it has been in decades. According to Averbach in Banschick Mark article on the high failure rate of second and third marriages who said that "In the U.S we have 50% of first marriages, 67% of second marriages and 75% of third marriages end in divorce" (Mark). This implies that divorce from first marriages do not give a guarantee that the second and third marriages are going to work, rather it is telling us that those later marriages might as well crumble.

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