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Types of marriages

             The results were derived from the methods used in the research. Both the results from the interracial marriages interviews and the mixed parentage are each done separately for the purpose of an easier layout set up for findings.
             Who inter-racially marries.
             In conducting this research and through the various methods utilized we found that most of the minority male who lived in a dominantly white area where more likely to inter-racially marry. For instance, in the case study interview, when our subject was asked when you came to Canada 30 years ago did you feel that being estranged to a dominantly white country had an effect on why you choose to interracial marry in the first place? He replied by saying Yes. Furthermore, from the few that we interviewed, those who did not have a strong religious background were also likely to inter-racially marry. When asked when asked, how often do you attend church? The majority of the interviewees said not often.
             Attitudes Toward Culture Adjustment.
             When asked how difficult was it to adjust to any culture differences the majority of our interviewee's from both the interviews and the case studies said that it was difficult at first. Some explanations for this finding is that when coming from different background it can mean different foods, religion and values, which can be a clash if each culture is not being emphasized equally. Whilst, most of our interviewee's found it difficult to adjust to culture difference. The majority of them also said family played a negative role for them with regards to adjusting to culture differences. In answers to the question of what was your families reaction to the marriage , the majority of our interviewee said that they were faced with the problem of not being accepted by the family at first, due to culture differences.
             Friends and Affiliations.
             The great majority of the interviewee's affiliated with friends from both sides of the interracial marriages.

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