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Is Marriage a Thing of the Past?

            In today's society, couples are getting married for many reasons, but when they hear the word marriage for many it can't even be pronounced. A lot people feel that getting married is for older people and not for the young ones, although we still see young couples compromising more than before and taking that next step of living together without any compromise. Marriage is out of date in today's society because people are scared to compromise, it is based on beliefs and they see getting marriage and some couples although they are together for years they still feel they are not ready to get married. Marriage is something you have to work at to keep it alive which is something that not many people who are in a relationship don't understand and end up breaking up.
             Couples prefer to stay out of a commitment and the effort that it takes to stay in a healthy marriage. Many go to that next step of compromise and end up going back home to their parents. Those who are in an open relationship believe that to build a relationship and stability they do no need to sign what many called a piece of paper. A marriage gives personal stability meaning to be with someone who is willing to give it all for each other and work hard to accomplished you desired dreams and goals, both will literally become and respect each other. Marriage is out of date today because couples feel that as long as their happy and their kids (if any) have two loving parents, it doesn't matter if they have a ring or a piece of paper (as many people referred to getting married by using such phrase). Many relationships want more independence or feel free to make any decisions without feeling that they have to give any information to their partner. .
             I definitely think that marriage its important and but not necessary because couples can still be happy without tying the knot. There are many couples that been together for many years and still don't get married, because they afraid of being committed to someone and some may even feel that if they go to that next step their relationship might fail, then they break up.

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