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             Marriage is a life altering event full of many memories and important changes. When two people join together, they form a deep connection and become lifelong companions. This past May I went through all of these changes and it was by far the greatest event of my life. My husband is my best friend and I know that he supports me in everything that I do. Knowing this has helped me become a better person and to strive for success.
             Marriage forms a bond between two people that is like no other. Often, my husband can finish my sentences or I can tell what he is thinking by the expression on his face; I have never been that close to another person. Having a spouse helps me learn to be myself and to be truly honest without having to worry about being criticized. I know that my husband will support me in whatever I do and that is a feeling that I have never had before. I know that if I have a problem I can always count on my husband to help me through it. Marriage has also given me a life long companion, and it has changed my opinion on what it means to be a friend to someone. Knowing that my husband and I have built such a strong bond together and knowing that I have his support has helped in every aspect of my life.
             Being married has helped me become more responsible and more mature. I had to learn to sacrifice, instead of going to the mall and spending two hundred dollars on clothes, I had to pay rent. Learning to be responsible for my own household was quite hard to get used to, especially since I was used to my parents taking care of everything for me. However, after we got used to the routine, my husband and I liked the idea that we had our own place.
             Probably the most important aspect that marriage has changed in me is the idea of being unselfish. One of the worst problems in a marriage is selfishness, the first thing that a person has to do when married is to always think about their spouse.

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