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A Culture Comparsion Of United States Vs. Indian And Vietnam

            This paper outlines the differences in the cultures of the United States versus Asian Indian and Vietnamese cultures. I will look at these countries and make not only a comparison based on cultures, but also comparisons from a business perspective. Although there are many differences in general societies, some issues such as women in the workplace, and images in the media, stand across many borders. .
             Using the United States as my comparison culture I will first discuss the customs, beliefs, and values of Americans as a society. Americans value making something of their lives in terms of family, and work from an early age. As children we are told that we can do and be anything we want. .
             We believe that everyone has equal opportunity to go to school, find a good job, marry and live happily every after. These ideas are actually far fetched compared with reality, but still some of the beliefs we hold true. .
             Americans value achievement, personal success, and independence. We feel it is important to "climb the ladder" of success in the workforce and focus on constant improvement.
             Indian Culture.
             The following are a few of the values, and beliefs of those of Asian Indian decent. There is a heavy emphasis on family, religion and social issues. Under one roof it is not uncommon for a husband, wife and also the mother and father of the husband or wife to all be living together. .
             When a woman is married it is custom for the man's family to take the woman into their home. Even after having children, or becoming able to support their family on their own, the couple will continue living as an extended family. Elders are seen as having wisdom, and dignity, very unlike the American culture where elderly are shunned and thought to be worthless.
             Religion is an important part of many people in India. Indian people integrate religion to every aspect of their lives- from daily chores, to education and politics.

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