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India Vs. Pakistan

            Global Warfare: India's Nuclear Testing.
             Within the last decade, India and Pakistan's ongoing struggle with Kashmir has peaked due to nuclear warfare testing. The testing not only aggravated the situation in Southern Asia, but has also worsened the global condition. Tension with Pakistan, lack of support from the United States, and non-prioritized money control are all reasons why India should halt nuclear testing.
             The conflict between India and Pakistan has revolved around Kashmir. Kashmir is the pride of India; with its mountain ranges, beautiful landscape, fresh mountain air and lovely people. Kashmir is located at the extreme west of the country. At the time of Pakistan's independence, the Muslim majority area of Kashmir was to be part of Pakistan. The majority of India practices the religion of Hinduism, but eighty percent of Kashmir practices the religion of Muslim. However, Kashmir did not become part of Pakistan because India claims it as Indian Territory. The people of Kashmir, the Pakistanis, and the United Nations reject the Indian claim. .
             Currently Pakistan governs about one-third of Kashmir while India administers the rest under military force. India has been ruling with brutal force towards the Kashmiris. India's streak of slaughters has resulted in more than thirty thousand deaths. In an attempt to halt the fatalities, government officials and political leaders from both countries have made numerous threats along the "Line of Control" in Kashmir, the Himalayan region that was at the center of two of three Indo-Pak wars. .
             The aggravation from the Kashmir conflict encouraged the advancement of nuclear testing. On May 11, 1998, India conducted nuclear weapons tests for the first time since 1974, and the Indian government declared it would maintain a nuclear weapons program. In response to India's testing, Pakistan later ignited three nuclear devices of its own, setting off worldwide concerns about a nuclear war in the South Asian subcontinent.

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