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The Third and Final Continent

             "The Third and Final Continent".
             Jhumpa Lahiri's "The Third and Final Continent," is a moving tale of an Indian immigrant. This young man's ambitious character led him to travel abroad. His struggle took him to attend many great learning institutions. His journeys led him to and elderly woman that made quite an impact on him. Her presence in his life was very significant.
             This story took place in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1969. The city had two major universities that attracted many foreigners. Boston provided an opportunity to those looking for and education and a better way of life. Many viewed Boston as an international city. It became a home for the young man from India. .
             The narrator tells this story in the Third person unlimited omniscient. It seems as thought she is telling the story through her own personal experiences. The reader can almost feel her struggle. The young man keeping with old Indian traditions had an arranged marriage. He seemed very casual and not the least bit interested in taking a wife or the commitment that came with marriage. This is an evident man vs. man relationship.
             The few days that he and his wife spent together after they were married were very uncomfortable to both of them. Mala longed for the comforts and love from her home and family, her new husband for the escape and distance his voyage would bring. .
             The young ma arrived in America, the only support he had was his trusty guide book. He quickly learned how to get around and settled in. He decided to rent a room the .
             few weeks before his wife arrived. He met Mrs. Croft who was, to his amazement, one hundred and three years of age. Mrs. Croft was very independent and did not care for anyone to look after her. The young man would sit with her to keep her company to amuse her. He eventually began to care for her and would sit with her because he chose to. We soon learn that the young man from India and the old woman had something in common.

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