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Class Summary: Pro-Disability and Societal

            Before the semester started, I wasn't sure what elective class to choose. But my friend recommended me taking this class. He said this was a very educational class and that it helped him change into a better and more aware person. So I decided to give this class a shot. At first I was trying to enroll in the first class section, but I just got a job and the time conflicted. So here I am in the section 2 class. This class is called "Disability and Society" and its purpose is to develop competency in understanding the community of disability and with interacting appropriately with those who has it. .
             Early on in the semester while taking this course, I knew the purpose for the course but it never really applied to me in life. But after a few weeks in the course, going to the lectures and hear the presenters speak, it opened my eyes more and I started to notice more in the disability community. For example, after hearing from so many speakers in class, I began understanding what people with disabilities go through and of how they want to be treated. During the semester we also watched videos and clips on how to respect those with disabilities. In this class, we also learned about assistive technologies to assist the un-able. Some people may have been born with a disability, but even with that, they aren't affected by it as much as we see it. They have lived with it and have adapted to that lifestyle. But some are unfortunate to be in a tragic incident that causes their lives to change. Some people are positive and some become negative towards those outcomes. Altogether, everyone is still human. Just because they become differently able than others, doesn't mean they should be treated differently. They have feelings and emotions like everyone else, so they should be treated equal. .
             From the information and knowledge I gained from this course, I will be sure to treat people in business and work with respect and efficiently.

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