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             Millions of worker who got their start in the "new economy"-including many with .
             college degrees-are climbing the economic ladder much more slowly than the previous .
             generation. The distance between the top and bottom rungs is widening and the population .
             at the bottom is growing. The reasons are complex and the fallout widespread. How can a .
             person entering the workforce be able to compete in this unstable economy. Diversity .
             within the job market will benefit the worker that needs a edge in today's business world.
             Ninety percent of workers survey-high school dropouts, high school graduates, .
             those with some college and those with a bachelor's degrees or better-are doing worse .
             economically now if they had been born 20 years earlier. The heart of the middle .
             class has been hollowed out with 40 percent fewer workers achieving the earnings that .
             defined America's middle class in the 1970's. From other studies that women and .
             minorities made some gains during this period, but inequality also grew within these .
             groups, much as it did with white men. In my parents generation, a bachelor's degree was .
             a great opportunity to be highly successful. In today's world it is not a automatic passport .
             into the upper middle class, it's more of an absolute necessity for penetrating the lower .
             middle class. Being able to be specialized in different areas of work are to the benefit of a .
             diverse worker. .
             There are many questions of how the new generation will continue to strive for a .
             better lives then previous generation. The big question, is whether anyone has the political .
             will to do so. Right now, the answer appears that my generation is mesmerized by the .
             chance to make lots of money without being aware that the chances are very slim. People .
             have futures and the continue to mortgage them. The migration of women into the .
             workforce has helped keep the median household incomes steady.

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