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Literary Analysis of Lone Eagle

             Hixson is a fantastic piece of literature that gives the reader an insight into flying in the early 20th century. Pioneers in any field often have many tales to tell about their days of exploring a new frontier, but few have experienced quite as much as Charles Lindbergh. As a revolutionary aviator, one who defied death countless times, the incredible accounts that constitute his career, and his personal life are simply engrossing. From his initial interest in flight during his early childhood, all the way up to his transatlantic voyage a passion for soaring above the clouds is what kept him going. Despite all the obstacles that he was forced to overcome in order to achieve something great he was never deterred from doing something so great that it's impact is still seen today. He proved that man could truly soar.
             The way that Lindbergh is described throughout the text is simply remarkable. Despite portraying him as a legend, he's also limned as a relatable and down-to-earth individual. This is evident when the author talks about the struggles that he faced in order to get into the air such as monetary issues and his father's unwillingness to accept his son's engagement in what was then a dangerous and unexplored domain. An example of his simplicity is when the author states that when Lindbergh applied to participate in the New York-to-Paris air derby his application letter, ".was signed simply "C.A. Lindbergh"(Hixson 183). Lindberg regarded himself as a regular man, merely an aviator, demonstrating how humble he was. .
             However, he was so much more than that for the American people. He was a folk hero casting a beacon of certainty into the then dark corridor of flight. There was and is no one quite like him. He is an example of American ingenuity and determination at it's finest. The ability to persevere when presented with countless problems and limited resources. To make do with the cards afforded to you at the risk of losing your life simply because you yearn to be better.

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