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Experimental Design - Cellphones and Driving

            The common belief of people suggests that talking on a cell phone weakens one's driving ability. Many things must be done inside the actual test itself to examine the potential risks that are associated with talking on the phone and driving. To ensure that the test is not unfair, the correct people should be examined with a control and then under the correct circumstances. The experimenters and researchers should take on the responsibility to make sure that the test is maintained throughout the entire scope of the experiment in order to test the hypothesis, otherwise the test will be proven to be invalid and not scientific. Control conditions are important because they allow the researcher to see what type of change happened when a variable was manipulated. It is crucial to only test one variable, otherwise, the researcher is unable to tell which variable was responsible for the change. .
             To begin the experiment, the researcher must make sure the control exhibits conditions that are normal for everyday driving. The experiment should not be conducted on an open road, but rather on a closed driving course to limit the possibilities of injury. To ensure that the only variable being tested is talking on the phone while driving, all other outside stimuli should be removed. Some other possible stimuli include another person in the car with you or music playing on the radio. Other stimuli would add more distractions and the data would come back invalid because the cell phone couldn't be concluded as being the distraction, and this experiment's intentions are to measure the use of a cell phone while driving.
             Now that the experiment has a plan, the second aspect should be who to test. To keep this experiment consistent, the people who partake in this test should both be male and female, and they are to be selected through a varied age range, due to the additional deterioration that comes with age and their own individual driving experience.

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