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Opera Fandom and Tension

            Opera fandom is similar to celebrity fandom, but I think opera fandom is more serious and strict. Opera fandom is more serious because opera singers are often involved in big and official events and their status are high. Therefore, the chance of opera singers to get involved with malignant actions is lower than modern pop stars. Second, opera fandom is stricter than the affection for modern celebrities because they are well trained and properly behaved. I would say that celebrities like pop stars and other recreational famous individuals are more casual in the sense of performing. Opera singers are bound to give the performance their best effort, and perfection is very crucial to please the audience. Loving an opera singer can really change a fan's life. Once a person is in love with an opera singer, whether it is his or her voice or simply demeanor, that fan would have different view on the world. This different view on the world is caused by the affection of one opera singer, what makes the world suddenly different is that all the music and songs they hear would automatically be compared to the works of that one opera singer that they love. Being a fan of an opera singer's music creates a sense of music blending and the sounds that they love the most assimilates in their daily lives. Even though fandom for a star is a good thing, there will always be arguments amongst the fans with different opinions. Commenting on different aspects of the singer can be positive or negative. The negative side of commenting on an opera singer is to make points that would start furious arguments. These controversies then turn out to make a bad mark on the opera singer or it could also ruin his or her life. .
             The tension between the composers and the singers is always tight. There are many emotional occurrences throughout operatic history because it is crucial for the composers to make the choice. The choice of different opera singers, either from a pool of selections or a direct recommendation.

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