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Mozilla/Opera/Internet Explore

             Comparing three browsers, one dominant, Internet Explorer, and two non-dominant browsers, Mozilla and Opera, in how each system works. Each browser has their own unique and personal qualities to it, both negative and positive. .
             Internet Explorer is found on many computers world wide. Internet Explorer lax in many of the main features that most browsers freely give. Currently IE is known to have over five known viruses to have infected it's systems, as well as unaccountable security breaches. IE need processor is a tad better then some, it is still a very dominant presence. IE takes loads of disk space 35MB's, undoubtedly higher then the latter two browsers. Since Microsoft's complete ignorance of these failures, it causes one to think twice before using their already set up browser. IE's display speed of5, compared to Mozilla's of 12, is negotiable, yet IE can not touch Opera's display speed of 1. IE's surf speed of 7, is better then Mozilla's 12, but not better then Opera's speed of 2. Yet again IE tackles Mozilla in accessibility yet fails to bring down Opera. As stated before IE's main problem, and a major one at that, is it's carefree presence in the security department. Using IE will only cause security after security breach, deeming it unwise to use or to have.
             Mozilla fundamentally traces it's root back to Netscape. Netscape created Mozilla to give Internet Explorer a run for it's money. Moz (Mozilla) although better in some areas, it can not touch the Opera browser in any area. Moz similar to Opera has only had one security fault, seemingly the same Cookie Monster Opera was faced. Moz and Opera have same number of viruses, none. Moz takes up slightly less disk space then IE with 19.5 MB's, but Opera sweeps both off their feet by ground breaking numbers. Moz needs the same processor as IE, while Opera does not. Moz makes moderate changes on the registry, while IE overhauls the entire system, while Opera simple changes what it needs and moves on.

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