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Internet Browsers

             (Circuit City) The Circuit City site presented more of a corporate image in my eyes. The site is organized professionally. The site is easy to maneuver around in with great images. The products are very well presented with images and accompanying text. The price is very visible so you know from jump street what the cost of the products will be. The site gives easy details on shipping and receiving your products. Another well planned topic on this page is the link to the special occasion gift suggestions. .
             b. (Amazon.com) I believe that the Amazon site offers the best description of products. The products are displayed with great graphics and very wide-ranging descriptions. Amazon offers more products than most other internet sites on the market today. Amazon offers products ranging from toys to cloths to books. Amazon has a lot of links to their products which makes it easy to maneuver around inside the page. Amazon's service links are good also. The shipping service offers shipping rates & policies and return policies. There are links to track your orders and view your account information. On the other side of the page is a new customer help link. .
             c. (Amazon.com) Amazon.com does a great job with the category firm history. They offer press releases in chronological order with some of the firm's sales highlights. On the press release page you can view press releases as far back as 1997. This page also offers links Amazon's international websites along with press releases from that country. .
             d. (Amazon.com) Once again Amazon leads the way in the category of job opportunities with several links for employment opportunities. One link is the "Join our Staff" link, which contains information about why you should choose to work for Amazon and Life as an Amazon employee. The site also provides a college recruiting link for internship. Finally in this category the Amazon site provides job listings by locations so you can search by country and or city.

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