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League of Legends: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

            League of Legends (also called LoL) is a free to play MOBA played by many people around the world. It has quickly amassed a large following of over 70 million people across 145 different countries. The monthly average of hours logged is over 1 billion. There are many tournaments in which players are able to gather a team together and compete for large pools of money. League of legends is a popular MOBA played on the pc and has easily earned become one of my hobbies.
             MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. In the League of League of legends there are about 4 game modes (Summoner's Rift, Twisted Tree Line, Howling Abyss and Dominion) where you can join up with a group of either 5, 3 or get matched with 4 random people depending on which game mode you decide to pick to fight for victory. To win in this game many things are needed: A cohesive group, outstanding players, good communication, quick reactions and a good attitude. Although a majority of players do not play like this, there is still much fun to be had. Each game lasts anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending on yours and the enemy team. Twisted Tree line, features two lanes and teams of three champions. Champions begin play with higher starting gold totals than Summoner's Rift, sparking fast engagements and frequent team fights. A single, centralized jungle between the lanes holds capturable altars that encourage battle over neutral objectives and frequent ganking.
             Howling Abyss also known as ARAM Inspired by the popular community game mode All Random All Mid, the Howling Abyss features two teams of five champions battling over a single lane. The summoner platform provides no healing and shopping is strictly limited to periods after your champion has died. This pushes the map toward aggressive, high-intensity gameplay centered on team fights. Dominion (The Crystal Scar) is the flagship map of the Dominion game mode, in which two teams of five champions compete to capture and hold a series of control points.

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