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United Districts in The Hunger Games

            The Hunger Games takes place in a fictional futuristic North America, but upon further exploration it may not be so fictional after all. The two simple words "hunger games," lead most people to recall the story of a far-fetched world where the government forces its people to fight to their death. Searching deeper into the novel may lead one to find our society already headed in the direction of the society portrayed in the book. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins follows the story of Katniss Everdeen, who is forced to provide for her family after her father is killed in a mining explosion. She comes from one of the poorest districts. After volunteering for her sisters spot in the hunger games, Katniss is instantly shipped off to the Capitol, where she experiences the luxuries of their everyday life. The people in the Capitol, formally named Panem, are different than those in the districts. The Capitol population does not worry about money or hunger, as the Capitol people seem to have it all. They dress up in brightly colored clothing and dense makeup to show off their wealth and unique personalities. After Katniss has a glimpse of the Capitol life, she is sent into the arena where thousands of people watch her fight 23 other tributes to their death, all for entertainment. Is today's society already headed in the direction of the society portrayed in the novel? Of course we do not completely associate with the society portrayed in the hunger games, but certain aspects of our society do reflect minor characteristics in the story. The fictional society created in The Hunger Games predicts the future of the United States by connecting common societal characteristics such as social inequality, the search for an ideal appearance, the power of the government and the thrill of violence. .
             Social inequality is the most obvious characteristic that connects with both the hunger games and todays society.

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