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Essay on the Twin Paradox

            According to special relativity, time travel into the future is possible. In science fictions, we have time machines which allow us to go anywhere we want either into the past or the future. But in reality, as far as we know only time travel into the future is possible and it works like this. Imagine we have two identical twins, Peter and Paul. Peter gets into a rocket and travels to a star ten light years away. A light-year is the distance light travels in one year which is.
             approximately 9.4607 Ă— 10 12 km (Crockett, 2013). He moves at 80% the speed of light. When he gets to the star, he turns around and comes back at the same speed. Twenty-five years would have elapsed on earth but only fifteen years for the traveller. When he gets out from the spaceship, he is surprised to see that his identical twin is aged an extra ten years.
             Theoretically, if you can get your rocket going near the speed of light and you went as far as one of the galaxies and came back, millions of years would have elapsed on earth, yet the trip might only take you a few weeks. This is because of the assertion in special relativity which says that moving clocks run slow. And that is a great way to remember how things are different between two frames of reference. Vaguely speaking, frame of reference means the.
             world according to you or according to me (Lincoln, 2014). But we have to know that it works both ways. Imagine if zoom past you in a car. From your point of view, you are standing still, and I am doing the moving. So you observe that my clock is running slow. But from my point of view my clock is not running slow. In fact, I am not moving. you are moving past me on the road. I notice that your time is running slow and this is also correct. This has been confirmed with so many experimental evidence and understanding this we can now explain what is the twin paradox.
             According to the explanation above each twin should see the other's clock as running slow.

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