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Oedipus Rex Analytical Essay

            In the plays "Oedipus Rex" and "Antigone", there is one reoccurring theme, which is represented in numerous ways. This theme is justice, but whether to follow the laws of man or the laws of the gods is a different matter. Apollo is the god of truth, light, medicine, and intelligence, being mentioned in twice; as a prophet, and also a "dark wind".
             Apollo's birth is yet another myth whereas Zeus ends up impregnating a woman other than his wife, Hera. This time it was the titan, Leto. Enraged by this, Hera would not allow Leto to bear her children, the twin gods, Apollo and Artemis. Now, Leto had to find a place where she was sheltered from Hera so she could give birth. Finally, Leto came upon an island, Delos, who let her stay and so she did. Almost immediately after finding Delos, she gave birth to the twins Apollo and his sister Artemis. Apollo was raised by the goddess Themis, who fed him nectar and ambrosia. After just a couple days, Apollo matured into an adult, capable of assuming the full responsibilities of a god.
             Apollo was not simply given his role in mythology of which he represents, but had to prove himself godly. His first adventure was slaying the Python, a hideous serpent who wreaked havoc among villages and farms and served as the protector of Sibyl, the current oracle. He defeated Python using his powerful bow and arrows, taking the oracle of Delphi as his prize. However, Python was the son of Earth, who punished Apollo by forcing him to be a shepard for king Admetus. During this time, he learned of peacefulness and self-knowledge. When he traveled back to Delphi, he disguised himself as a dolphin, and with him, he brought Cretan priests. This is why Delphi is called "Delphi"; because of the word delphinios, meaning dolphin. He dedicated a triangular pedestal made of bronze to this place, and gave his power of seeing to a priestess, who became the new oracle of Delphi.
             "Oedipus Rex" is a Greek drama written about the king of Thebes and his tragic life.

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