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Film Overview - The Hurricane

             I have recently viewed the film 'The Hurricane', directed by Norman Jewison and starring Denzel Washington as Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter. There is no doubt in the minds of many people who are familiar with the Rubin "Hurricane" Carter story that he, and the man who was convicted for murder with him, John Artis, are innocent of those crimes. While no one knows for sure who is guilty of the crime, but the one thing that is for certain is that Carter and Artis were victims of racial bias from many people who would see them in jail. As the movie progressed, I became aware of the many professional, social, and legal issues that took place in the film. (Worrall & Siegel, Essentials of Criminal Justice, 2013, Chapter 1) As an officer of the law there are ethics that must be followed. Justice personnel function in an environment where moral ambiguity is the norm. Police serve as the interface between the power of the state and the citizens it governs. .
             Social Issues.
             "I've committed no crime. The crime's been committed against me." Rubin Carter was faced with many social issues while he was a boxer and an inmate. Growing up he was arrested for a murder and was put in jail for defending his friend from a predator. At this point he has been taken in to be interrogated by Officer Della Pesca, who is a white officer who turns out to be racist. The biggest social issue that took place in the movie was the issue of race. Carter had sentenced to 20 years in a juvenile facility where he later on escaped and enlisted in the army. When he finally gets a chance to settle his life down and start his boxing career he runs into the same racist officer from when he was 11. This time around Della Pesca is there to apprehend him to finish his last 10 months of juvenile sentence.
             On June 17, 1966 a triple murder occurred and Carter and his friend Artis were seen in a vehicle that matched the vehicle seen leaving from scene of the murder.

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