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The Curiosity of Scout - To Kill a Mockingbird

            A child will do anything to get what he/she wants. Just like Curious George did in the TV show, George was a monkey who always got in trouble for being curious, just like Scout. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout is a young girl who is just learning about everything. During this time of curiosity, segregation comes into her life and she learns throughout the book what it is. Harper Lee uses Scouts curiosity to present the idea that nosy people will go to the extreme to find the unexplained, or something that they want, just like a child would cry or complain about not getting what he/she wants.
             Throughout the book Scout is curious about many things and most of the time she was curious she would always find some way to get in trouble. One example of Scout getting in some trouble for being nosy is when she asked Walter Cunningham why he was pouring so much syrup. Lee states, "Walter poured syrup on his vegetables and meat with a generous hand'but he's gone and drowned his dinner in syrup"(Lee 32). Calpurnia had to grab Scout by her collar and take her back in the kitchen to straighten her out because she was curious as to why Walter wasn't using the syrup pitcher right. Scout usually said what was on her mind, and she saw that Walter was using his utensils wrong so she corrected him fast. Scout knew that the Cunninghams were poor, but she didn't know that Walter didn't know how to use all of the stuff that she knew how to use. Scout's loud mouth led her into trouble, but her curious sense also got her in trouble, just like the monkey, George, always got stuck in a situation.
             Young children are known for snooping around in places they shouldn't be, just like Scout and Jem were snooping around in Boo Radley's yard. Jem and Scout wanted to know what Boo Radley looked like, so they went into the back of his yard and only found Boo's dad who is very mean. The book states,"Jem attached the note to the end of the fishing pole, let the pole out across the yard and pushed it toward the window he had selected" (Lee 64).

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