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20th Century

            The twentieth century has been a turning point in history and in civilization due to the remarkable advances in science and technology. Along with the modernization of science, literature of the twentieth century advanced vastly in numerous ways. Throughout the world, artists, writers, and poets sought out new forms to express the monumental changes they witnessed during this turbulent century. Changes in warfare and in time .
             effected each life and created new themes for authors to write and express their personal .
             thoughts. Most writers during this century expressed stories based on personal experiences during wars and periods of cultural changes. Modernism, science fiction, and magical realism are three important themes of advanced literature that evolved duringthe twentieth century.
             Modernism flourished mainly between the end of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century. In general, modernists were concerned with the loss of traditional values brought on by the major advances and disasters of the early twentieth century. Modernist literature usually reflects the fragmentation and uncertainty that writers and poets percieved all around them. Throughout the twentieth century, modernism declared a way for all types of artists to express feelings about certain catastrophes and situations that occurred during this era.By rejecting the old forms of traditional values, writers, painters, musicians, and other creative artists were now able to experiment with new .
             themes and styles freely. Along with the modernization of literature, science fiction .
             became another known theme that created a way for all artists to experiment.
             The age of science fiction evolved as the fictional and fantasy theme of the twentieth century. Although the earliest examples of science fiction in literature can be traced back to the 1600s, the genre of fantasy and science fiction did not reach its present form until the late 1800s.

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