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The Book of Hosea

            The book of Hosea is one of great prophecy accounting for God's relentless love for His children. Hosea wrote it himself to the land and people of Israel (2). Hosea was called by God to be His voice to the people in about the middle of the eighth century b.c. and dedicated at least thirty-eight years of His life to prophesizing (3). Hosea is typically known for its metaphor between Gomer's unfaithful marriage with Hosea and Israel's unfaithful relationship with God. This book focuses on the themes of sin, judgment, and forgiving love (1).
             Hosea's purpose in writing this text was to demonstrate to the Northern Kingdom the spiritual adultery they were committing towards God. He came to inform them, however, that although God was not pleased with the way they were living their lives, His love for them was still eternal. God presented the concept of selfless love to Israel through a metaphor with Hosea himself (6). God ordered Hosea to marry an unfaithful woman named Gomer who represented the nation of Israel. Although Israel did not commit the literal act of adultery like Gomer did, they did commit a sin against their loved one, God, by worshipping false idols and turning from Him (5).
             Another key aspect of the book of Hosea is God's unconditional love for us. Throughout the book, Hosea emphasizes the never-failing love that God pours out to His people, despite their deliberate disobedience. One of the most quoted verses in Hosea reads, "When Israel was a child, I loved him, and out of Egypt I called my son" Hosea 11:1 (4). This verse is one of the many reminders of God's steadfast love for His children. Unlike any love found on Earth, however, God's love is selfless and secure even in times of hardship (6). Ever since the beginning of time, God's thankless and undeserving creation has been receiving God's love, grace, and compassion while still unable to abstain from its iniquity (5).

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