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Utopia - Possible in this Life

            A utopian society is one that possess desirable qualities such as flawless social, political and moral aspects. This society can be a real place or one that is fictional, in most cases the latter is true. It is an aggregate that has the highest satisfaction level and in this civilization there is freedom for all. Thomas More was the discoverer of the Greek word Utopia which is translated to mean "no place," (Claeys & Sargent, 1999). Utopianism derived from the word Utopia which is define as social daydreaming (Claeys & Sargent, 1999). The western theory of utopia originated in the ancient world during the Greek Mythology era where legends of an earthly paradise lost to history, combined with the human desire to create or recreate an ideal society [Nat14]. Many agree that there once existed a perfect world with perfect people, but they argue the fact that it is now just an ancient place never to be seen again. So one may ask is it just a thing of the past or can the world get back to its natural state that was intended for all mankind. Society as we know it today is so very different than what our ancestors were accustom to. People as well as the culture have changed drastically, and over the years morals have decreased. In the book entitle "Walden Two" B.F. Skinner (2005) begins chapter seventeen discussing the decline of the family, the inequalities that women faced and how viewpoints have changed regarding divorce and parenthood in our current culture. However, he makes an important point that is the community that must come together and solve the issue (Skinner, 2005). Due to the decrease in morals and standards, society has become plagued with a plethora of issues such as health, economics, international and gender concerns just to name a few. In the book entitled "The Utopian Reader," Thomas More writes about an earthly paradise (Eden), the first inhabitants of this paradise (Adam and Eve), and the origin of the fall of man that led the end of their utopic existence (sin).

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