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             Since the birth of man we have searched the Earth for the reasons of life and the pursuit of tranquillity. Roaming the planet looking for our own personal answers to the questions that have plagued man forever. Some find them in there religion, others may find them in such simple things as simple day- to-day activities. You may rest assured that we are all looking for the same answers; the questions may be different but the answers are all the same. Some people have found the answers to some of the very questions of life, by forming a society removed form society. Utopia!.
             Some people believe Humanity can have Utopia now. They believe Humanity has everything necessary for a Utopia, and that humans just have to better utilize what they have now and enjoy the same. .
             Utopia is a state of mind, a higher level of being, in which man finds what he is looking for. This thing that he finds must be mental in nature. Physical comforts are limited; once they have been fulfilled there is nothing else to fulfill. In other words, once the physical needs of mankind are met there is something else that must be fulfilled as well before man can become content with himself. There is nothing that will enable him to reach a true Utopian state unless he comes to terms with himself. Utopia differs for each individual. In order for it to be possible for a Utopia to exist it must fulfill the mental needs of all its inhabitants. If it fails to do so then it is a dystopia, an illusion that, while it lends itself to a vision of reality, truly does not exist. This type of materialistic dystopia is never a true Utopia in the strictest sense of the word. It is not possible for everyone to have exactly the same version of Utopia and remain individual "human "in the end. Without the self there is nothing. The senses are illusory. Descartes could prove that the mind existed, but he could not prove that the body existed.

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