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My Ideal Society

            People are born with natural tendencies towards being shy or outgoing, clever, musically inclined, strong, short, solid or slender, etc. We as a whole are closer to Utopia when we as individuals are able to rise above our distrust or dislike of others who are not like we are. This is not something that just happens. It is something that each person has to realize, understand, practice at and put into practice. We start losing Utopia when we revert to antagonistic attitudes because of our abilities or lack of them. We owe it to ourselves as a gathered civilization of social beings to celebrate the best in one another. The athletically inclined child who imposes himself over his frail classmate may find himself at the mercy of that same person later in life. .
             Aligned efforts are the key to keeping everything flowing together in the same direction. The idea is not to dictate anything, but rather to find the general direction everyone wants to go. Probably the best place to learn this is as children, when we are most open to new ideas and most willing to accept others. If we decide that we want to move toward fewer negatives, it takes providing an environment as free as possible from the need to be antagonistic that will minimize children's exposure. The less negative the environment into which the child will grow and become a part, the less he needs the exposure in youth. Conversely, the more antagonistic the environment into which the child will grow, the more the child needs to be aware of the brutality and how to fend it off. If we decide for ourselves that we want as constructive an environment as possible, with the least amount of negative, and do our best to actually deliver that for our children, they will grow up expecting that. .
             Another aspect of my ideal society is the function of work in a Utopian community. This can be summed up in one basic idea. People work to benefit the community.

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