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Definition of an Ideal Society

             "Sometimes the most positive thing you can be in a boring society is absolutely negative.
             I think that everyone at one time or another wonders what the perfect life would be like. However, is perfection really what society needs? I believe that there is no universal right or wrong, there is only what you believe. In my ideal society, everything would be uniform, a by the book world, where order and obedience would prevail.
             A strong leadership is the foundation of this utopian society, so the political leadership would be set up as a number of commonwealths, 15 to 20, lead by one central government with one supreme leader. Under this central government composed of people from each commonwealth, who would make the decisions for the well being of all the commonwealths, with the leader acting as arbitrager in any disputes. Under control of the central government would be all of the armed forces, medical, and educational fields. The leader would be used as the ideal portrait of this utopian society, he would be the mouth piece from the government to the people, and once elected they serve until they die or the central government finds someone better. Sex would not factor in to the choice of leader, so in a Utopia, women could be the most powerful person on Earth.
             This Utopian society's look would be bland and boring, perfect for that of the modern world. There would be no vibrant colors or patterns, only black, whites, and grays. With the color red serving as only a warning on the posters that lined the walls of the city. People would appear the same no matter what color skin they had, sexual orientation, or social standings. By this we would accomplish unity and togetherness, a very much preached method in the society of today, perfected in this Utopia. You can't hate someone if they look exactly like you. So in turn this would eliminate many hate crimes and other such racial, sexual and gender motivated attacks.

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