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Ideal state

            This unit has allowed us to explore the ideals intellectuals and artists contrived from their observations while living in societies that were less than utopian. These ideals, while some may have had excellent points resulted in inadequate consequences. In this paper, I would like to explore the democratic outlook of the French and the communistic views of the Russians. In conclusion, I will also combine the positive and negative attributes of both to ascertain a true ideal state. .
             In reading The Marriage of Figaro, it was evident that citizens, especially the lower class, greatly desired control of some political power. They felt locked into a world of which they had no control and the reasoning lied distinctly in the social and legal aspects of the society. They felt that equality under these terms would in turn bring them freedom. "Declaration of the Rights of Man" and "Declaration of the Rights of Women" pleaded the government to allow all men and women, despite their class and ownership, the right to take part in what affected them through the government. Their idea was a democracy; a government controlled by the people rather than the person. This, the lower class hoped, would grant the freedom to own property; the basis of social equality. .
             Napoleon, the leader of the revolution was granted an immense amount of praise and power. This was one mistake pointed out by Kant when he said that it would be a great challenge to be ruled by a democracy when there is no conception of it. The citizens of France did not know how to structure such an elaborate government and eventually relinquished all of their power to Napoleon. Once this occurred, Napoleon took advantage and declared himself emperor, sending the French right back to where they started. The revolution also forced the rich to become wealthier. It brought the poor into the city looking for work, which in turn brought their wages down due to competition.

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