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A contrast of Pygmalion and My

             A timeless novel, an Oscar award winning film. One of the greatest writers of all time, one of the greatest theatrical creations of all time. An inspirational piece of literature, an uplifting adaptation. Pygmalion and My fair lady. In composing a juxtaposition of the two texts I have concluded that the main differences in this film relate to content, form and purpose.
             The content of the novel "Pygmalion", written by George Bernard Shaw, differs in many ways to the Film My Fair Lady. My Fair Lady included many script changes and exposed the audience to the relationships of many of the characters in new ways. Characters were added into scenes to change the dynamic and purpose, and many scenes were changed contextually to give an entirely different approach. .
             The content was also changed to adapt to modern views and societies changing views. At a time of national turmoil Director George Cukor believed a lighthearted fairytale like film would be more accepted in that era. .
             Examples of this were the addition of Mr. Alfred Doolittle into scenes to extend his character and make the most of the contrasting social classes. The film portrayed Mr. Doolittle in a more depthful manner and the audience created a closer bond with this character. .
             Examples of a scenes entire purpose and approach change were Freddy'scenes. There was a greater hesitation towards this character from Eliza in the Film as the relationship with Prof. Higgins was a key sub-plot in the film as apposed to the novel.
             The form of both mediums differed immensely. The way in which the creator portrayed the message was altered and many of the ideals and values changed. The film had the additives of Song and dance to appeal to a different audience. Costumes and set design also changed the form in which the film was portrayed.
             The way in which the film appealed to the audience reflected the changes made to the script and idea of the "Pygmalion" concept.

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