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International Communication Skills - Cycling Project

            This report discusses the changes I made in my concept for the cycling project, based on the cultural dimensions of Mexico. Mexico scores very high on power distance, collectivism, short term normative orientation, the uncertainty avoidance index and the synchronic idea of time. Apart from these cultural dimensions I also thought about the use of color. .
             In short, my concept is a bicycle rental system for young adults who can rent six-person bicycles to transport themselves while clubbing. First of all, because my concept is based on young Dutch people, I chose to use a very informal type of communication. This is accepted in the Netherlands, because the power distance over here is very low. In Mexico, on the other hand, the power distance is very high. This is why an informal use of language will not be appreciated. When it comes to the type of communication I use, I should also take into account that Mexico has a short term normative orientation. The informal approach of strangers is not appropriate in such a traditional country. Another reason why this informal approach is not accepted in Mexico, is the collectivistic character of the country. In collectivistic cultures, harmony is very important. Therefore, using jokes or the imperative for example, can be experienced as offensive. Phrases such as 'Rent your bike now!' will therefore be replaced by something more subtle, such as 'If you would like to, you could rent a bicycle.'.
             Another dimension on which Mexico scores very high, is the uncertainty avoidance index. Cycling can be dangerous, particularly in Mexico, and especially in the dark. Good lighting is already present on my 'glow in the dark' bicycles, but in Mexico I will also have to give all of the passengers, a helmet to go with it. Thereby, all of the passengers must take a breathalyzer test before they are able to hire a bicycle. Drunk driving is dangerous, even by bike.

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