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Three Short Stories

             A young couple, Ella and Thomas, were heading to a party one Friday night. The party was at their friends Jim's house, and they had heard prior that it was going to be a pretty crazy party. Thomas was a rather reserved man, unlike Ella who was much more outgoing and comfortable in social situations. Being that Thomas was an introvert, the idea of a big party made him very nervous, so he made sure there would be alcohol at the party. Both Thomas and Ella had just graduated from College 4 months ago, and they had been dating for 8 months. Ella was Thomas's second girlfriend, and Thomas's first relationship ended with his girlfriend cheating on him. Ella throughout college had numerous relationship, some of which only lasted one night. .
             Thomas and Ella finally arrived at Jim's house to find the place absolutely packed with people. Immediately Ella ran into an old friend and sparked up a conversation while Thomas made it a priority to find a drink to calm his nerves. After he had downed a few shots he returned to his girlfriend to find her in a group of about 5 guys. He approached the group still somewhat nervously and was introduced to every one of them by Ella, finding that they had all dated her at some point. This made Thomas incredibly uncomfortable although he managed to keep his cool long enough for him to excuse himself to get another drink. At twenty minutes since he arrived, Thomas was already very tipsy. Thomas was having a good time now, talking with different people and having interesting conversations and catching up with Jim. .
             After an hour or so he realized he hadn't seen his girlfriend in a while and went to look for her. After a solid 20 minutes he started to get nervous and went upstairs to check the bedrooms. He didn't find her up there and started nervously laughing at himself for even checking up there. Thomas eventually found her in Jim's garage this time with two more guys in the group.

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