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Japan and Lord of The Flies

            One reason is that Japan has a great culture which has combined successfully between traditions and modern technologies . One example is Shibuya crossing town in a huge, and prosperous city that famous for its interesting daily activities. This example shows that Shibuya is considered one of the most crowded and modern in the world. It's so big that you can find almost anything that even relates to the most modern technology. On the other hand, I have learned that Shibuya have an interesting free market system which allowed the circulation of many amazing things around. Therefore, the very rare historical and traditional stuffs such as paintings and historical book can be found there. As a matter of fact, Japan has a amazing culture that mixed between traditions and technology. Another example is there are many shrines and castles in Japan which has been a thousands of years. This example shows that because Japan has a long history with great wars that has changed the Japanese culture over time and eras, its historical story and myth are widely spread and extremely fascinating. Moreover, the Japanese people have a great awareness of the importance in reserving the historical stuffs. Therefore, we can experience the true, exuberant and lively historical evidences such as the shrines and castles. After all, it is worthy for you to spend your money to explore such a great historical and impressive culture in Japan .
             Another reason is that Japan has many of the most beautiful places in the world. One example is Fuji mountain which is the most beautiful mountain in the Eastern areas . This example shows that Fuji has a amazing shape which visitors can recognize from a very far distance. Moreover, with special weather condition that make the Fuji usually on the top, but not on the steep loop, it look more liked a perfect mountain which just appears in fairy tales. With a beautiful view and an impressive history, it attracts foreign people and even the Japaneses to visit the great Fuji mountain.

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