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A thin red line "little hope"

             How did we loose the good that was given to us? Ask your self that question when civilization is gone, no one to tell you what's right from wrong and chaos is all around you. In the movie "A Thin Red Line," Whit army privet asks that question over and over again. Whit is in a war and it changed him dramatically, but seemed to keep his sprit pure, just as Simon did in the book "The Lord of the Flies." Simon and Whit are saints in the world they live in, they see all the evil that their friends have in them and try to live in peace and harmony. When everything goes wrong, they step back and watch what is happening and analyze how to fix it. They try so hard to take care of the people that close to them and what to protect them. .
             Whit and Simon admire the nature that this world gives to them. They took the time to love and took care for the world and numerous times we see both of them stop and watch plants and animals grow. In the beginning of the novel, Simon continually goes into the forest and sit down to meditate, watch animals and see the plants grow. Simon also cared for the little ones when Roger bullied them. In the movie Whit watches the birds fly free and we see Whit giving water to the plant. Whit also cares about his men in his squadron, he talks to them and make sure they are okay. When one of his men are scared for their lives, Whit assure them that they are going a good thing, defending their country. When Ralph in "Lord of the Files," doubted his commands to his class mates, Simon reassured Ralph that he is doing a good job and not to worry. .
             Whit and Simon, who remain pure through out their adventure, worked so hard and help those who are lost and try to show them the light. Whit gives advice and always volunteers where he is needed. He believed he is his brother's keeper, and is responsible for their actions. When his squadron went too far down the river, he volunteered when no one wanted to go.

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