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A Pair Of Tickets

             Born in Oakland, CA 1952, author Amy Tan wrote her very first novel "The Joy Luck Club-, which went on to become a critical success and a best seller.
             3. During the war in 1944, Suyuan Woo was subjected to great tragedy. With her twin infants she fled on foot from their home in Kweilin as soon as she learned the Japanese were coming to invade and capture. For many torturous days Suyuan carried her babies with the hope of reaching ChungKing where her husband was stationed. Injured, ill, and exhausted Suyuan knew her body would soon give up and die. She did not want to see her babies suffer and slowly die so she forced herself to abandon the girls, not even a year old, on a road with hope of some caring person finding them to give them the life that she felt she could not. She continued walking with death beside her until she fainted. When she woke she was in a truck driven by rescuers headed toward ChungKing. She went to her husband's station only to learn that he had been killed two weeks earlier. She become delirious and mad. Hospitalized, she met her future husband Canning Woo. They would later movie to the United States and bore one daughter, Jing-Mei. Over 40-years had passed since 1944 and Suyuan was still in search of her Chinese twins. Suyuan passed away without ever knowing her twins, but her hope never died.
             4. Descriptions of other character's in "A Pair Of Tickets- are as follows:.
             « Auntie Lindo is an old friend of Suyuan. Auntie Lindo, Auntie Ying, Auntie An-Mei, and Suyuan were all members of The Joy Luck Club.
             « Chwun Yu and Chwun Hwa are the twin daughters abandoned by their mother Suyuan in 1944. .
             « Canning Woo is 72-years old and Suyuan's current husband. Together they have one daughter named Jing-Mei. Canning's aunt Aiyi nicknamed him "Little Wild Goose- when he was a boy. In China the nickname serves as a baby milk name, which is used to discourage ghosts from stealing children.

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